David's book Heal Yourself in Time is now available both in paperback and as a PDF E-Book. It is a companion to the cards, and vice versa. It contains the basic understandings that went in to this model for Time. It is intended as a guide for anyone making the effort to heal within themselves or evolve their consciousness.

It is a guide to a next level of thought, understanding and awareness. It is a method for learning to open your third eye to see the dimension of Time from this enlightened perspective. It contains a message for all of us who wish to leave the game we call "karma" and embrace a new paradigm of thought and new paradigm of life. It describes just how simply and easily this choice can be made.

The book is fully illustrated with in-depth understandings of the concepts behind the cards, healing exercises, a discussion about healing memory, achieving the state of balance, leaving karma behind and more.

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$13.95 (E-Book)

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