Anytime two or more components act together in cooperative effort - the result is something I could call Amplification.

Amplification works with living beings, "inanimate" objects, and other forms of magic. A simple example involves magic known as leverage. It takes two components to form this into a mechanism - a lever and a fulcrum. It will take a 3rd component to apply force (or gravity) to the device to generate the amplification effect. But - if you do that - you can now literally move mountains using this form of amplified magic.

When multiple forms of magic work together, we can form something I could call a super-amplifier, or super-amplified magic. Let's take an automobile for example. This device combines (so amplifies) the magic of energy, force, leverage, chemistry, fire, electricity, magnetism, gravity, and genius to allow us to travel with relative ease at otherwise-unreachable speeds. We have only to push buttons or pedals, and steer our vehicle in the desired direction, and the device does the rest.

What about us? What do the numbers look like when we combine the power of our minds or abilities? Is there a way to calculate the energy? The answer is yes, and here is how it's done.

We will start here. A definition of terms. In this case, the power of one. Basically, that means the power or ability of one person acting alone.
Now let’s consider what happens when two people work together as partners. What is the power of two compared to the power of one? You may think that one plus one equals two, but in this case that is not correct. There is an amplification we get from combining our power and it is not additional, it is exponential. That means when we cooperate and combine the power of our minds, we seem to get back more than we put out. If true, this is something truly amazing and worth learning to understand.

This amplification of energy is sometimes referred to as Synergy.
Now let's check our answer to see if it seems correct. If I have a partner, I now have the power of two working for me. Both my own power, and that of my partner. It would be the same for my partner as she would also have the power of two. Together we now share the power of four.

Can that be correct?

Let's double check that another way to be sure the formula works. Try to remember a time when you wanted to do something difficult - like move a heavy awkward object. Maybe even move it up or down a flight of stairs. If you tried to do it yourself, you know how difficult it was. Now imagine or remember doing the same task but having a partner to help you. How much easier was it to perform? Do you agree it was more than just twice as easy? In fact, did it even make something possible that might have otherwise been impossible without the assistance of a partner?

So what happens when there are three of us instead of only two? How does the energy amplify?


If this holds true, then if three minds cooperate, we each wield the power of nine. Together, we wield the power of 27 (remember, this is verses the power of yourself (one) acting alone).

Amazing, isn't it?


Let's try to double check this again, just to be sure. This time try to imagine something that you could only do with two other people. Lets say you want to record a song. If it takes a drummer, a bass player and a guitarist to play your song, then with all three of you working together, it takes about 3 minutes to do this. You only had to play one of the three parts. If you had to do it by yourself, how long would it take and how hard would it be to record the same song? Can you even do that without the assistance of non-human partners, like elaborate recording devices? Can you reproduce the experience of playing the song live without the aid of your partners? Once again, making something possible that would have otherwise been impossible?


If this holds true, and we continue the analogy, our energy would amplify as follows:


Now look what happens if seven of us combine the power of our minds. We each wield the power of 117,649 (compared to the power of one) and have a total combined power of 823,543 !

And this is only seven people acting together in one cooperative and collevtive effort. Just imagine the incredible feats we could accomplish if we were to unite the billions of human minds on this world. To act in cooperation rather than in conflict. To act and choose from love, understanding and acceptance rather than hatred, blame and fear. To choose a paradigm condusive to this goal - like balance - or sanity. Rather than our current choice - Compete-for-survival together with Blame-and-Punish, and all the hardship and suffering that goes along with that choice. We could transform this world into a paradise virtually overnight.

And that would only be a beginning !

Is there any one still reading this page that does not want to be spending thier energy manifesting and living in paradise?

So this is a partial explanation as to how our magic works. By combining the power of our minds, the power of our desire, thought, and choice, we amplify our power, magic, and abilities.

What does it look like, and how do the numbers work out if we use our power and magic against each other? Lets take a quick look at the energy dynamics of an army of hurters fighting against the reflection of themselves seen as their "enemy".


When we have one mind acting alone - we have the power of one.

When two minds work together, they produce four times the results the single mind could do alone.

Let's assume an army of 1000 soldiers. When I tried to take 1000 to the power of 1000, the result was so big that my calculator could not even calculate the result!

The problem is, the other side of the two-pole arrangement also has 1000 soldiers, so is amplified to the same degree.

There is a total of 2000 soldiers, but you tell me - what happened to all the energy? Did it amplify? Or did it cancel itself out? This is an example of disease at work. Any intelligent engineer makes full use of conservation of energy. A foolish one wastes it away.

We have a choice. If you would like to read more about amplified disease and the implications, you can do that here.

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