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Feedback from a happy customer - After some months with your cards I just must tell you how amazing they are. It’s almost scary sometimes. They have really helped me so far and I feel that the cards have so much more to teach me about myself. Just fantastic! Checked a lot of your videos and you are an excellent teacher with a lot of information that resonates strongly with me. I pick up something every time I watch them, really good! I feel that the time cards really can heal people and I get more and more drawn to them.
     ~ Frank Hugosson, Vetlanda, Sweden

David's work has allowed me to take charge of my life… to go inside (and) heal some areas in my life that were in deep need of healing. …  the Miracle Manifesting Circle… has… worked for us in many occasions. We have shared this… and have witnessed many extraordinary results… I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today with my partner if it were not for one of these circles.  
    ~ Jesyka Worth, Lenoir, NC

(Translation below) De mi punto de vista y experiencia, sobre los circulos de milagro y las tarjetas es lo siguiente. Lo que pensamos, vemos y decimos crece la creencia y el poder, y esto hace que las cosas se manifiesten y materialicen. Las cartas del tarot y otras similares te indican una vision diferente a las tarjetas que David a creado las cuales hacen sentir lo que estas viendo. La vision de lo que deseas en el momento. Mi experiencia fue creer y desear que por medio de estas tarjetas se manifieste mi deseo. La potencia de la conciencia colectiva hizo posible que yo pudiera dar un salto cuantico de Espana a las Americas.
   ~ Marceliano Barquilla

(Roughly translated) From my point of view and experience, over the circles of miracle and cards is the following. What we think, see and say growing belief and power, and this causes things to manifest and materialize. Tarot cards and the like will show a different vision to cards that David has created which make you feel what you see. The vision of what you want at the time.
My experience was to believe and hope that through these cards to manifest my desire. The power of the collective consciousness made possible for me to take a quantum leap from Spain to the Americas.
   ~ Marceliano Barquilla

So many miracles ARE happening in my life, incredible and overwhelming at the same time. I am trying to keep track of everything … Who would have known the fateful meeting of you was going to give me all these miracles. Been blessed beyond measure, truly.   
    ~ Shirlee Ann Christopher, Oaklyn NJ.

I watch every informative video with no preconceived judgments and don't think of any until they're over. But this was honestly one of the most structurally sound and sensible explanations of everything that is. My third eye was vibrating through the entire thing, it was awesome. Thank you for taking the time to make these, I feel like I have a genuinely more solid understanding of everything after watching them.
   ~ Youtube subscriber

I wondered what It was like, your journey to understanding the way that you do. I noticed that it took you ten years to develop these cards, and also that it is a system for communication, which you wrote in the book… because writing a guide for people who wanted to go on an inner journey would be 'impossible'. I was basically wondering because all I've had to do is read one page or do one reading to gain a much greater level of peace, or 'mental rest' from things that had eluded me for a long time… I think the whole method is pretty healing, and really quite effective in the sense that it's not a 'temporary soloution'. It seems like more of an 'eternal soloution'...     ~ Selva Engel – Suffolk, UK

I really appreciate your help. You made me understand a major issue that has been blocking me from proper knowledge of dimensions, time, tarot and manifestation all in one night. You saved me years of confusion... you told me much truth in less than an hour then all my years of research since I started... your model of time and space is truly amazing, and in my heart I know it's all the truth... Thank you Dave.        ~ Paul - Canada

People on youtube, do me a favor and watch Dave's video called "12 Dimensions of consciousness". Thats the best description I ever saw. Thanks Dave, I am happy having met you, brother. Your knowledge blew my mind.   ... Your art to describe reality and science is so worthful that it should be taught to our children...       ~ Your brother from Germany, Andreas

Hey Dave, I wanted to thank you for your perspective on dimensionality. If it wasn't for what you taught me through your book and your cards… (and) teachings, what I know to be true about reality would be lackluster, and somewhat more incomplete… I am greatly privileged to have made that sharing with you. I just wanted … you (to) know where my mind is with regard to the profound effect your material has had.
    ~ Carlton - USA

Just playing the (cards) online has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had. Thank you for creating them...  
    ~ Brandy Bittner - Keswick, VA


Thank you very much Dave! I truly appreciate everything you do! I just wanted to tell you that in June of 2009 I had a very intense Kundalini Awakening, and I believe that your video "12 Dimensions of Consciousness" was the main reason it happened. I feel as if I was truly reborn! Thank you again!
    ~ Chris Pliske - Michigan City, IN

Wow!!! Thank you so much for this! (video) I've been looking for ways to describe what I see and feel, and you've hit it on the head over and over again! Thank you!

This (video #3) was excellent. this is what should be taught in school. Infinite possibility, infinite observation, the INFINITE.

wow...just when i think i have nothing left to gain from youtube I find this bit of information and wow really resonated with me and has helped me in a way to remember myself, thank you.

Dave, I am very impressed with the Pleiadian channel and the concepts you have created here! … I am very excited about this mode of learning! ... So I am looking into what the "NOW." Present Moment, really is, which seems to me, to be prior to, what I detect as myself right now. I have read Eckhart Tolle, and understand his work very well. But Your work has helped me realize that the Stillness, the present moment is prior to the physical identifications. I mean WOW! Humans are so Cool and I am trying to open myself up to all possibilities! This is really challenging because it's a quantum leap from how we are taught within this society.
    ~   James Maskery - Haddonfield, NJ 

I have read the first thirty pages of the ebook and find it amazing with a lot of original thought. It is something that needs to be read over and over again to get all of it. …I am trying to utilize some of it my healing practice. I place my left hand on the body to represent past, physical, space etc and my right hand on another part to represent future, mental, gravity. Now the patient becomes the emotional shapeshifter and has the opportunity to shift to another state, parallel universe ect. I find they start to wobble and fall over as this happens then they feel different. Pretty cool!
   ~  Dr. Peter Kravchenko - Hanover Ontario, Canada

Watching things about 10th and 11th dimensions as defined by using physics and mathematic, I wondered:
"All above - beyond our comprehension - 'The Primus Motor', 'The First Mover' or 'The Supreme Being/Spirit' or any kind of name for something we cannot ever touch by our body and mind lies in the 12th dimension." So ... I found your video about "12th dimensions of conciousness". During the video I was amazed the way you think, put things together and built the whole structure of all that there is. I watched ... again (the) next day and ... End of that day I wanted to get the time cards and the book. Thanks for the ideas, cards and everything. 
Sampsa Anttonen - Tampere, Finland

Just wanted to share how I play solo. I purchased the basic card set from a new age shop in Miami Florida early last year and have since played it a few times both with friends and alone.
The way I play it alone is:
1) I shuffle the pack.
2) Deal myself 7 cards and turn over one card from the deck to begin.
3) I start matching cards as per the basic instructions while having an internal conversation.
4) The instant I turn over the blank card, the game stops.
5) I reflect, and put the cards away.
This has been a great way to use the cards for me as I've always felt I shouldn't go through every card every time I play alone. Thanks, its been an interesting journey.
   ~   Alex Teixeira - Miami, FL

I deeply appreciate the cards. I have put together two decks to read from for other people, and have used different combo's for myself. …the only term I can come up with right now to describe what I "hear" (is) as if someone is talking to me - but actually it's more like a flood of info passes through me at an incredible rate of speed. It is more of a stream of consciousness that opened up to me. I have also been studying the cards individually and finding the meaning behind each one. I feel there is so much to learn from the cards... I feel the world would benefit from the "game".      ~  Marjorie Esser. - Willoughby, OH

I really and truely believe this card game is a valuable gift to the people on this planet. ......

    ~   Alana Meimar. San Jose, CA.

Dave, thank you so much for taking the time yesterday at the expo to play the game with me and the other participants. I also want to thank you for helping me shed some insight on how to reach my potential and remove some of the fear by acceptance. I played the game today with my 12 year old daughter and she loved it and was very insightful. Ahh.... to have the confidence and purity of a child. I look forward to playing it with my entire family and others.
    ~   Kim K. - Willoughby, OH

Dave, I met you … at the expo in Columbus. I … played your game with my friend, just the two of us. We went through the 55 card deck and loved every step. There's nothing like your game out there that I have experienced. I think … playing it and learning about the unique perspectives that come from the matrix of the cards…I'm happy to spread the word about this.     ~ Paul Berick. - OH

I don't read tarot, but I read these cards... I read them for myself all the time... I think they are the greatest divination tool ever created.    ~ Jamie - Akron, OH

I just purchased a deck of your cards… I find them very interesting and look forward to learning more… It feels interesting even just to hold the box. I think this is a great idea, what you've done, and there is definitely nothing like it out there. I am interested in tools that can trick their way past the conscious mind to allow the unconscious mind to express itself.     ~  Alice Kelly. - Columbus, OH.

I have to say I was instantly drawn to the aesthetic and I really enjoy what I've seen of the game so far. I checked out the site … and just wanted to send you a note congratulating you on a job well done. The color and themes I guess I saw a bit of myself and my interests in and was drawn to the kind of older look it has. I felt like I was buying some forgotten game that had been dug out of a box somewhere and it for me really added a mystique to it.     Nick Bain. - Newark, OH.


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