Welcome to The Game of Time Library. Here you will find instruction downloads, new and updated methods for using the cards, and a visual index of the Beginner and Advanced cards.

               This card index allows you to view and read about each card from the Beginner and/or Advanced set.



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Beginning Instructions PDF - The original version of beginner's instructions.


Beginnining Instructions NEW PDF - New and improved beginner's instructions to help you get started faster and learn more about the cards.


Advanced Instructions PDF - The original complete Advanced Instructions for the cards.


Instructions Update PDF - 2015 version - These are methods that have been shared by others who have learned from the cards in their own unique ways. Learn different and alternate ways to use the cards from hands-on experience.

Manifesting Instructions PDF - 2018 version - The latest instructions for the Manifesting Card Set. Will be included in the 2018 Manifesting Card set.

Dimension Cards Instructions - 2018 version - The latest suggestions for using the cards. Will be included in the 2018 Dimension Card set, but has suggestions that pertain to all the card sets.

Index of Advanced Time Cards - PDF version - It is part of using the cards to interpret them for yourself, but it can be helpful and interesting to read the intent that went into that particular card. When in doubt, remember that time is a mirror so by interpreting it, any card becomes a reflection of yourself.