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    Thank you to these sites and the people behind them who have supported our efforts to date.



Dr. Gratitude's Pet Vision - My friend Dr. Gratitude passed on to that great pet sanctuary in the sky on March 10th, 2013, but his website and vision live on.
Please visit him soon.


Your Inner Light is a books, gifts and wellness center that specializes in natural healing products in Lancaster PA. We offer a wide variety of wellness products including: lotion candles, tapestries, hand crafted crystal jewelry, crystals large and small, tumbled stones and much more.

A cure for the troubled consciousness of the Earth. Learn and understand how diseased consciousness forms and operates. Learn to recognize the symptoms, behavior, thought patterns, and energy signatures. Learn how you can cure yourself, help our children, and help us all.
  "Bigfish Radio" is an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that focuses on helping individuals reclaim their birthright and divinity as unconditional love.
Sacred Green Earth - 511 White Horse Pike - Oaklyn, NJ 08107

Books - New and Used, Gifts from 14 Countries, Body Care, All Natural Soaps, Massage Oils, Bath Salts/Scrubs, 37 Lines of Incense, Angels, Fairies, Statues.
  Children of the Stars - A network of starseeds from around the world.
Bringng Light to the World Through the Frequency of Love.

Dee Hamel - Mystic, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. Reiki & Seichem, Angel energy
healing, Tarot card readings, Angel Cards, Aura readings, Animal healing, courses.


Ackbar - Psychic readings, aura photos, classes, workshops and counseling.
Offering people the ability to create a great life through better choices.

Brenda Frazier - Psychic Medium. Clairvoyant . Clairaudient. Clairsensient,
Angelic Guidance, Spiritual Advisor. Let me be Your Guide


Psychic Tarot Readings by Mistii - Remember life is full of mysteries. but the deeper you look, the more answers you will find !


Treeplicity - Get ready for an adventure in consciousness.


Witchvox.com - Magical and pagan connections and resources.


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