I suggest that love is a form of magic available to us, and that is has the power to perform many amazing feats. Now a lot of people say such words and tout such ideas, but what does that really mean? Does love have certain rules? A guide to follow? Does it work together with other forms of magic? Are there ways it can work, and ways it will not? For as many people who speak of this idea as there are, there are as many who claim to have tried this, only to find that loving someone or some thing still did not bring about a desirable change, or heal themselves or anyone else. So I have prepared this special page to explore this idea of love, and one way it might be able to work some magic for you.

So how do we use love to heal? Big surprise, but that answer has three parts. Love seems to work best together with two other amplifiers. In short, the equation appears to be forgiveness, love, and thankfulness, in any order you wish to choose them.

So as a start, we must forgive ourselves. We must forgive others for the same. We were susceptible to the troubles of this place. All of us. Not a single one of us was immune. We must work together to educate, cure, and heal ourselves - excluding no one. I can't stress that enough - excluding no one. From the most terrible hurter you can possibly imagine to the most powerful healer you have ever encountered, all of us are equally valuable and worthy. All of us need help. All of us need cured.

And that forgiveness needs to work both ways. That means we forgive others, and ask them to forgive us in return. Why do we need forgiven? Even if we don't see ourselves as needing it? Because we all have troubles from this place. We all misinterpret. We all point blame.

Second of all, we must choose love. Now a lot of people speak those words, but what does that really mean? After all, in the end, even the darkest of desire - the desire to inflict deliberate and intentional harm - is still an act of love. It's only love that is so bent-and-twisted that it no longer looks like love. So of all the things that might sound backward to hear, that means even hatred is actually bent-and-twisted love. One more way to say that could then be that hatred is a form of love that has an illness or disease. Obviously diseased love is not a cure, so when I say we must choose love, we need a little bit more understanding of what that might mean.

So for that, I will try to illustrate. There are some on this world who have learned this secret about healing. In short, to love their injury, whatever it might be. No one wants to be hurt, but in this place, many of us are. So when we get hurt in some way, if we have lost our way, our default reaction is usually to feel angry. Sometimes sadness. Sometimes regret. Sometimes fear. Sometimes loss. Sometimes hatred. I'm sure I am forgetting something there, but you get the idea. What we think about our injury is producing those feelings, but when we do that, we are pointing those thoughts, that energy, those feelings at both ourselves and others. That is backwards from the cure. That means, when we have become lost from our sanity and enlightenment, in reaction to being hurt, we tend to choose the worst thing we could possibly choose - more of the problem.

So of all the things that might sound backward to hear, what we need to do is to try to love our injury. To love the disease. Literally say to it/him/her the words, "I love you". And words are not enough. We need to find a way to be able to feel it too. So how do we do that? By implementing the third part of the cure - thankfulness.

So what in the world could there be to be thankful for when it comes to injury or disease? Once again, that probably sounds backwards. But there is something, and it's the lesson we have learned. If we stop thinking of our injury as our enemy who is out to hurt us, and begin thinking of them as our friend from spirit who is trying to help us see and learn something important, then we have once again stepped on to the path of the cure.

You may be able to test this for yourself. Perhaps you have sustained an injury in this life. It could be anything from a cut or bruise, to a horrible betrayal, to the death or loss of a loved one, to a terrible illness that has affected your life in profound ways. You may have suffered terrible pain and loss because of this injury. You may feel everything I described above from anger to hatred and beyond. So to try to implement this cure, what you must do is to change your thinking. Instead of an injury or illness, begin thinking of it/him/her as a friend. Try to make a list of everything you have learned from this friend. All the ways your life changed. All the people you have met. All the things that your friend brought into your life that you can value. All the things that left your life that no longer served you. Any ways this was actually protecting you from something else, so that those events never happened. Anything at all that comes to your mind that you can honestly say you value.

Once you begin to do that, and you begin to think of, speak to, and treat your injury as your friend, hopefully you can begin to be thankful for what was learned, and feel at least a little gratitude. Hopefully, the more gratitude you feel, the more you will heal. It might take some time, and the change must become permanent. If you try it for a minute, or an hour, or a day, and then go back to the way things were, nothing has changed. But - if you can begin to live the cure, hopefully - its magic will begin to work for you, and you will begin to see results. Only time will tell, but I hope this is worth a try. After all, if love won't cure and heal us, then it would seem that nothing will.

Is three dimensions of Love enough? It does seem to work, but can we take this idea any further? Improve or amplify the formula? Make our magic even more powerful? My answer is yes, and here are the enhancements I have learned so far.

The next step appears to be kindness. What has come to me is an old adage I heard as a child called the "Golden Rule". Basically it means treating others the way you would want to be treated. Once again, that is going to mean no matter what has happened or what someone may have done or not done. There must be no exceptions, or it's not sincere. There must be no contradictions or double standards, or we are not truly practicing kindness and the golden rule. That means not only pointing it at others, but at yourself as well.

So you could potentially apply this to your injury, if you have one. Perhaps there is something your friend would want or need? Some way he or she would prefer to be treated? Some act of kindness that can further this new bond of friendship between you? A gesture you can make? You might even ask your friend to do the same? Perhaps there are kinder and gentler ways you can learn? If you are open to seeing them and can become aware when you are receiving a message? Hopefully you will be amazed at the results when you try a little kindness as your way of life.

One more piece I have learned is understanding. If you can learn to apply it, your cure will have become five dimensions deep. In this model of reality, the 5th Dimension is the beginnings of the spirit world, so adding a 5th piece to our magic reaches a new level of something we might call spiritual.

This may be the most difficult piece to apply because it once again needs to be genuine and sincere. It's not enough to say the words, "I understand" - but not truly understand. So this part requires insight - the ability to look inside yourself. True understanding allows you to put yourself in someone else's shoes. It enhances your ability to offer both kindness and forgiveness. It requires something on your part I know as Personal Spiritual Integrity (PSI). That means, if you don't understand -  admitting to both yourself and others that you don't understand. It means instead of saying you understand but not really doing so, seeking to understand so it can be genuine and sincere.

We may all have been born with insight, but we lose it very quickly as infants and children. If we don't do something to hold on to it, the sanity and enlightenment we possess as spirits slips away rather quickly in this reality. So it must be learned, or perhaps re-learned or remembered. Since it's not possible to teach, only show or guide, then no one can teach this to you. It's completely up to you to pursue your own learning and take responsibility as your own teacher in life. It's up to you to attain and maintain the PSI of your own knowledge. If you can learn it however, it has the potential to make you an even more powerful healer, and gives your magic and power this new dimension.




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