Are we all magicians of a sort? Combining the power of our minds with the magic of light, energy and illusion? Do we use magic every day and not even realize it? Does it matter to you how you are using your magic? If you were doing so in misguided ways and not realize it, would you want to know? Are you a form of manifested magic? Does consciousness and sub-consciousness try to communicate with you in magical ways?

                            Qualities of Magic - What makes it Magic?

Invisibility - Perhaps the foremost quality of magic is something invisible. I know this as the Dark Piece of reality. Since we can't see exactly what's happening, we don't necessarily have a complete explanation. Invisible action seems to be occurring by some mechanism we don't understand, but can observe and measure.

Transformation - We know from observation and measurement that the energy of this universe is constant. That means, in this universe, nothing is ever created or destroyed. Instead, what does seem to happen is a process we could call transformation. Another way to say that is the rearrangement of pieces from one form (or state of being) to another. That applies not only to physical (or atomic-level) matter, but you - a living being - as well.

Amplification - Anytime you combine two or more components in cooperative effort, the result is amplification. This works not only for simple mechanical devices, but among humans (and other forms of life) as well. Difficult or impossible tasks become possible and easy. Two or more amplified processes can also combine abilities to super-amplify already-amplified abilities to produce even more impressive feats that, by these definitions, we could call magic.

                                               Forms of Magic

Light - We may normally think of light as what our eyes can see, but is there invisible light at work all around us? Radiation? Radio waves? Microwaves? Are these forms of magic available to us? Can you start a fire (a form of chemical magic) with a magnifying glass? Of course not. But if you amplify that magnifying glass with sunlight, you can indeed start a fire. Does visible light allow us to "see" in the dark? Does that sound like magic to you? Light (or light energy) appears to be at the very foundation of the entire physical universe. As amazing at it sounds, we now have the ability to produce subatomic particles from light (photons), hinting of how it's done by the universe itself. It's known as "pair production". This is an example of transformation and is an example of how light, matter and energy are three different ways to say the same thing. Our own sun is a sorce of light-energy to us that litteraly sustains our existence as physical beings. Without the magic of our sun, most forms of life on this world would whither and die in very short order.

Energy - It turns out that another way to say light is energy, and vice versa. In fact, energy is a basic definition of everything in this universe, including us. Matter itself is a form of stored energy. You could be described as a form of self-contained exchanging energy. When we enter this universe, we begin exchanging energy with it in order to become a part of it. One way we experience and use energy most every day is heat. Fire is a chemical reaction that produces heat as part of the process. Our bodies burn fuel we call food, and store energy in the form of chemicals. Perhaps you've had the experience of running low on energy within your body or yourself?

Force - It is a most basic definition of what we do in Time is rearrange pieces. Another way to say that is move objects. To move objects, we use something we call force. Force itself is invisible to us. We can see the effects of force, but not the mechanism. It is electromagnetic force that gives all physical objects the experience of being solid and separate. All physical objects exert force one way or another, and force itself obeys laws of conservation. In other words - to every action involving force - there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Leverage - Just about anything you do - from opening a can of beans to flipping a switch - is done by using everyday magic otherwise known as leverage. Leverage relies on amplification, so the cooperation of two or more components, in combination with the magic of force. Even the action of your own physical body is an example of leverage, as your bones form levers and fulcrums to allow manipulation of your body, and the objects around you.

Gravity - Gravity is one of four fundamental forces in physics. One way to say gravity is to say invisible attractive force. It was gravity that attracted the first two bits of stardust together that began the formation of the Earth. Once linked by gravity and acting as one, those two bits of stardust amplified their abilities to attract dust particles from further and further away.

Gravity is a quality of all physical matter. In this universe, if an object has mass, it also has gravity. Anytime you use your weight as a tool, you are using the magic of your gravity. You feel its effect anytime you use your weight to influence the path of even the smallest of objects. Gravity allows a larger human to overpower a smaller one, or many humans to overpower a single human in any kind of physical contest.

Of its many magical qualities, none are as impressive as the infinite reach of gravity. Although the gravitational forces between objects decrease with distance, they can never go to zero. In other words, you can never completely break the gravitational bond between objects, no matter how far apart. That means gravity is one medium that connects this entire universe together in a manner that can never be broken.

Magnetism - Another form of invisible attractive force we don't understand is magnetism. Although appearing similar to gravity, magnets do something interesting that gravity does not seem to do - they both attract and repel. It turns out that all matter is magnetic, just in different degrees. Magnetism is also related to another form of magic - electricity. We can generate electricity by applying a little leverage to a spinning arrangement of magnets and metal wire.

Sound - Sound turns out to be a gravitational phenomenon, so by these definitions is already a form of Magic. Sound allows us to "see" in another way than reflected light. We can gauge distance and characteristics of perceived objects and/or reality with only sound as the medium. We also use Sound to communicate at-a-distance and at speeds of 767 miles per hour. Both thoughts and feelings can be communicated through sound.

Fire - Most humans believe they are different than the other beings who share this world they call "animals". Some believe that the use of tools is unique to humans, and (sadly) believe this is something that makes them different and/or superior (ha!) to the ancient, kind, gentle, wise and enlightened beings watching them from these other forms of consciousness. But the use of tools is not unique to humans. However - on this world - the use of fire is. In fact, virtually all of our technological advancements stem from, and/or are based on the use of fire. Fire allows us to transform the pieces of reality from one form to another, and sometimes back again, and that does sound like magic.

Chemistry - Fire is the result of a chemical reaction. Our physical bodies are basically bio-electro-chemical machines that can rearrange pieces of reality to form and fuel themselves. Modern medicine relies on chemistry to treat many conditions. Chemistry, like fire, can transform pieces of reality from one form to another. Chemical reactions can also produce electricity. You know this as common devices known as batteries. This action further links the magic of chemistry to electricity.

Electricity - Something we modern humans take for granted is our electricity, but is it a form of magic? Can we see electricity? Or only the effects of something that is otherwise invisible to us? Is it part of a chain reaction of magnetism and leverage that can move objects by invisible means? Can it drive the circuits and memory of a computer? Is it part of the actions and chemistry of your own brain and body?

Quantum Magic - Another kind of reaction is known as a nuclear reaction. It would comprise either fission (the splitting of atoms or molecules), or fusion (the joining of atoms or molecules). Both are examples of transformation. Matter (beyond beryllium) in this universe appears to be the result of nuclear fusion that occurs within a star, where hydrogen is fused to form all other elements. Earth humans have yet to sustain nuclear fusion other than brief flashes, but have developed the ability to produce nuclear fission. Pair production is the formation of particles and anti-particles from light, so yet another example of transformation. Pair production appears to be at the heart of the formation of matter from energy. Earth humans now have the ability to perform pair production in a laboratory using lasers.

                                               Human Magic

Now we enter the realm of human power. Our bodies are already bio-chemical-electrical machines that use energy, force, gravity, leverage, chemistry, and electricity to function. Beyond our physical bodies lies additional magic available to us. Specifically, we wield the power of desire, thought and choice.

Desire - Desire underlies the entire manifestation process. In other words, it all begins with desire. The reason you were even thinking about a choice is because you wanted something. Once the desire forms, we think it over (if practicing our most powerful magic), consider possibilities and formulate predictions (again, if practicing our most powerful magic), then take the plunge and make a choice.

Thought - Working together with choice and desire, I suggest thought is a form of magic. It allows us to formulate Time Equations and make predictions of the future. Predicting the future is another way to say probe the dark piece of reality, so thought is a means within you to perform that act of magic. As thought precedes choice in the manifestation process, it adheres to the concept of amplification within yourself. Do your choices seem more effective (so more powerful) when first carefully considered? In other words, when you think it over first, then choose, do you get different results than acting on instinct or belief?

Choice - Do you have other ways of making choice besides the use of invisible force? Is your own power to interpret reality a choice you make? Do you choose your beliefs? Do you have the ability to challenge your beliefs? Are there ways you are choosing along with many other minds, and in so doing, amplifying those choices, even on a global scale?

Reinterpretation - It turns out that 3-dimensional reality contains a piece of illusion, so is a place where things are not always what they appears to be. Both the dark piece (invisibility) and reflected light (an illusion seen in a mirror) are at work. That means we are all in a constant state of misperception. Forgetting that truth and it's implications can put us on a misguided path. Remembering it - and those implications - is a path to our health, well-being, and sanity. Reinterpretation is magic in the form of transformation. It works together with thought and choice, so can be amplified both within ourselves, and amongst ourselves when we have the wisdom, courage, and insight to challenge minperceptions and reinterpret reality in a truer way.  

Cooperation - This word itself suggests two or more actions being performed simultaneously, or in sync with each other in some way - something that would otherwise be an impossible task if you were acting alone. That makes the simple act of cooperation a form of magic available to us. Cooperation works hand-in-hand with amplification, as many minds choosing together amplify each other's abilities.

Genius - Our ability to solve problems and invent devices qualifies as a form of human magic. We can perform many amazing feats of magic when we apply this ability. Many otherwise-impossible tasks can be done with a little magic combined with genius. Genius partly works by a process of visualization, where we use our imagination to work backwards from desired result to a starting place. Everything from the invention of the wheel to our humble attempts at space travel were brought about - in part- by genius.

Life - From single-celled organisms to the most complex form of life, all grow and propagate by making copies of themselves - a process of cell division (or replication). One question that still remains - what is driving that reaction? Why are those pieces of stardust doing what they are doing? Why did the very first living cell form? Why did it make copies of itself? What is driving the mechanisms of your physical body? Physics identifies 4 fundamental forces of nature, but none will explain this thing called life. Is there a 5th force at work in this place? A definable form of energy we could call Life Force?

I suggest your ability to make copies of yourself qualifies as a form of magic. The rearranged stardust you think of as your physical body continually replaces itself in order to grow and survive. It is the most basic function of DNA to replicate itself. Your ability to have children could be interpreted as an ability to make copies of yourselves.

Sub-consciousness - I suggest your own subconscious mind is a potential source (perhaps even wealth) of magic. The formation of your dream world is one example. The apparent subconscious cooperation known as synchronicity may be another. Without even realizing it, we may all be making subconscious choices, in sync with each other, along with conscious and unconscious choices. Synchronicity suggests an invisible connection we all share. This connection appears to allow the retrieval of information (sometimes called psychic ability) by way of our subconscious.

Fear - Do you consider fear a form of magic? Can (and do?) you use fear in attempts to manipulate the thoughts and actions of others? What happens to the magic of your desire when fear enters the equation? What do you begin thinking? And what kinds of choices do you make when your desire has become bent-and-twisted from fear? Are they different from thoughts you form and choices you might make when acting from true desire? What happens when fear becomes amplified? When you hold twisted or diseased desire, form misguided thoughts, and make misguided choices acting together with other minds of similar intent? If you would like to learn more about amplified fear, you can do that here.

Deception - The dark piece of reality allows us the ability to deceive each other. Nature itself appears to use deception in the form of camouflage (for example). Many battles are won in the game of compete-for-survival by use of deception and trickery. If I can keep my true intentions hidden, am I using a form of magic? Can I use your own beliefs and misperceptions against you in an undeclared battle of magic?

Money - I suggest money is both a form of magic, and the result of agreed (so amplified) choice. Let's look at a magical interpretation first.

Let's say you are someone who, by the rules of money, has in their possession a house, car, and some personal possessions. And - let's say you wish to move your location from one part of this planet to another. You can, in essence, transform your house, car and possessions into a small amount of gold (enough that it would fit in your pockets), travel to the "other side" of this world, and reproduce your house, car and possessions. Does that sound like a feat of magic?

Now the choice factor. What exactly is making all of the above possible? Well my friends, it is something you could call agreed choice. Choice that is being amplified by every participant. Is it a choice all participants are all making on this world to play money as a game, or assign any meaning or value to it at all? A choice all participants are making to trade their time, energy, resources, power, magic, abilities, and love in a form we call money?

Just remember, the next time you buy or sell anything, instead of using money, you could also interpret that you are trading and using magic. How do you wish to be using your magic? And how do you wish others to use their magic on you?

                                               Creature Magic

Humans are creatures, but there are many other forms of life on this world besides humans. It seems that - to survive and thrive - all forms of life rely on magic in one form or another. Without it, this universe is rather unforgiving in our efforts to exist in this dimension.

One example of creature magic is a spider. Spiders use quite an array of magic, making them rather powerful as compared to many. Their bodies, like ours, use chemistry, electricity, energy, force, gravity and leverage. They also use genius and deception. But - spiders use quite a bit of chemical magic. They can spin webs that are, pound-for-pound, stronger than steel, and secrete venom that can paralyze or kill.

Birds use leverage to exhibit a form of creature magic, as they have the personal ability to fly. Many creatures make use of the magic of amplification, forming flocks, herds, packs, swarms, etc. If you look for it, you will see the magic used by any form of life.

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