A Cure for the Diseased Consciousness of the Earth
                                                         Also known as "mad human disease".
                                                  Also known as a game called "steal your magic".
                                                               Also known as "Karma".
                                            It is also apparently known as the "illuminati game".

                                                               The equations were simple:
                                         The more disease you choose, the more disease you get.
                                                   Amplify the disease and you grow the disease.
                                               Worship the disease and you become the disease.

Before you proceed:

To fully understand this message and get the full benefit from it, as difficult as it is, you must read it all the way through from start to finish. As difficult as it is to read, see and hear, it was even more difficult to learn and try to explain. It is powerful and important information, but it can't work its magic if you are not willing to give it a chance. It'ss not easy to face up to our own darkness, and this is an attempt to do just that.

I would be lying to you if I told you that we did not need everyone on this world to learn this information, in whatever form they can understand, and implement it into their lives. I would also be lying to you if I told you that most of us are ready. But - here you are, reading it right now. Hopefully that has happened for a reason, and you are ready to remember.

It may start to sound as if it is not a loving message. It may seem that way for quite a ways through. If that is what you think, you did not read the whole thing and missed the most important part. If you jump to conclusions too soon, you will miss the true message and may be cheating yourself out of a valuable learning experience. If it is too much for you to read all at once, it is OK to read part of it, then come back when you are ready to read more.

It is a bit long and tedious, and is quite blatant about how it sees the truth. That is because it was intended to be complete and (hopefully) effective. It uses a bit of strange language and words. That is partly because it speaks from a perspective outside our world, speaks in terms of the idea of magic, and partly because that is how the information came to me. If you are a serious learner who wishes to ascend the Earth paradigm in this lifetime, it was intended to help you accomplish that valuable goal.

Are you ready? Here we go...

On many worlds, and in many realms, it is known of the Earth and the humans of this planet. We know of their condition. We know it to be a state of being. One in which we (consciousness) can disassemble ourselves - from our true reflection - as far as it's possible to go. Another way to say that is to form the largest Dark Piece of reality it's possible for form, and exist in that state of being. Although that does count as an achievement, the result is a form of misguided consciousness, also known to me as the "scump" (I know - weird, huh?). Earth humans are no different than any other form of consciousness in this universe, except they experience this peculiar form of madness, complicated by an underlying birth condition.

Instead of a paradigm of amplified love, sanity, cooperation, balance, and integrity, they choose a way of life based in conflict and competition. They live amongst themselves in an atmosphere of fear and suspicion, where virtually no one can be trusted. In their madness, they deliberately trick, burn, cheat, use, lie to, and exploit each other for information, power, money (a form of magic), and energy in the attempt to gain advantage over each other. (I now know this practice as "scumping". In simplest terms, it means to steal someone's magic.)

Mad humans deliberately poison their own food, drinking water and atmosphere. They engineer diseases they unleash upon themselves. They build devices to deliberately fail, and develop technology to become deliberately incompatible with itself. Advances in technology and medicine are suppressed when they are not conducive to scumping. Time, energy, money, resources, power, magic, ability, and bent-and-twisted love are spent on schemes that have little other purpose than milking their fellow humans for money, magic, power, or energy. Any means to gain advantage over others is fully exploited in their battle for power and magic.

Since mad humans literally think backwards from the time mirror, of all things, they actually worship blame, punishment, suffering, persecution, and a form of cowardice. They form a segment of their own collective they call their rulers and leaders, tout as heroes and teachers, and claim to be the voice and will of their gods, but who rule by cowardice and madness - inflicting deliberate and intentional harm, suffering, punishment, and persecution. This collective hurter is made of the billions of minds that agree and choose along with this' mentalty and way of life (a.k.a. paradigm). Their collective hurter superimposes itself not only on those humans who choose along with it, but all humans, other beings, and forms of life who try to share the Earth.

Both mad humans - and their collective hurter - choose scumping along with blame, punishment, persecution, and deliberate and intentional harm as the answer to their troubled world. The irony is that, the choices they make bring upon themselves the very problems from which they seek escape. In simplest of terms - the more disease they choose, the more disease they get. The more they blame and persecute each other for the past, the more madness it produces. The bigger a collective hurter they form, the more it amplifies the madness. The more they cheat, trick, burn, use, and lie to each other - the more fear it produces. They live in terror of the collective hurter they form if it is pointed at them, but seek it out when it suits their twisted desires. In so doing, they have actually become "addicted" to the hurter and its mindset, so are stuck in the past, and manifest an endless cycle of perpetuated madness.

Mad humans - and their collective hurter - define many acts as "crimes", and yet they are the true criminals of their world. They commit the only crime that truly exists in this universe - punishment - and call it justice. In a reality that is a reflection in a mirror, lost from that awareness, they have both disassembled themselves as far as it's possible to go, and at the same time forgotten their sanity and true identity. Instead of recognizing the most backward, cowardly, and diseased human it's possible to form, institutionalized persecutors of living beings are actually worshiped as rulers, leaders, heroes, gods, teachers, and the answer to their problems in life.

The addiction goes beyond just mental reality. Mad humans actually enjoy hurting each other, as well as other forms of life. They derive pleasure and satisfaction from acts of anger, blame, persecution, punishment, revenge, murder, and cruelty, thus adding to the addictiveness of the madness. Of all the things one might not think possible, mad humans actually feed on deliberate and intentional harm, suffering, punishment, and persecution. In fact they feed quite well, as institutionalized persecutors of living beings rise to such ranks as presidents, rulers, dictators, emperors, and their highest-paid television celebrities.

Mad humans also feed on persecution, punishment, suffering, and revenge as a source of entertainment. There is hardly a single folklore, story, or drama portrayed in their modern media that does not depict an institutionalized persecutor as both main character and hero, and the madness as justice and answer to their problems in life. Some mad humans also derive a sense of power, as well as joy, pleasure and satisfaction from hurting and murdering other forms of life for no other reason than "sport".

Unaware they are stuck in a default misperception (see birthing sickness), and actually enjoying the blame, persecution, punishment, and suffering they inflict on others, mad humans do not see, so cannot (or will not) choose other possible perspectives that lead in other directions.

Even faced with the cold-hard reality of their backwards choices, these minds remain incapable of seeing or learning. They vehemently reject other perspectives and possibilities. If confronted with sanity, they find it so backwards from their train of thought and mentality that they lash out in anger, fear, blame, and threaten deliberate and intentional harm if such words continue to be spoken, and such ideas entertained. Despite every unnecessary heartache, hardship, setback, loss, disease, pain, and suffering they inflict on themselves and each other, they remain completely convinced that the disease is the cure, and the problem is the answer. Because, in their diseased (disassembled) state, they are incapable of forming other awareness, they meet the dictionary definition of the word "stupid" - the inability to learn.

Mad humans pass their condition on to their children as they cannot help performing and demonstrating their madness, and carry it out even on infant babies. Combined with the birthing sickness that all aware beings face in this universe, our children are also exposed to full-blown mad human disease from their parents, "teachers", and other diseased children. They have no chance, and it is virtual certainty that they will develop the madness themselves.

People, if you are reading this page, face it - you are scump. We were all scump babies. This is a diseased world. We did not cure our birthing sickness. We all developed the madness. If you think otherwise - as difficult as this is to accept, you are sadly mistaken. We must recognize and accept our predicament or we will never heal it. Part of the cure is the awareness and acceptance of the condition. Denying it only perpetuates the disease and passes it on to the next generation of children. The inability to wake up and admit this truth is what keeps us diseased and makes us stupid. Admitting it (and the implications) to ourselves evolves us to a new level of consciousness I know as Enlightened-Path Learner. I suggest that that Enlightened Learner leads to another state of consciousness I would call truly Enlightened, and a game called Enlightened World.

I suggest that Enlightened World is a wonderful game to play, and that it's something we all want. It's actually our true desire, and of all things - the EASY choice! Just imagine if we took all the time, energy, money, resources, power, magic, ability, and bent-and-twisted love we use to burn, trick, cheat, lie to - and beat, hurt, enslave, and atroce each other for the past, and use it to grow and amplify something else. Imagine the result if we used our magic to amplify sanity and love instead of madness and disease.

Birthing Sickness

In case you have not remembered this yet, we come here from another dimension. It's a choice we make - from there - to enter this reality. We call this process birth. Part of entering this dimension (state of being) was the formation of a dark piece of reality. Another way to say that is to from a dark piece of ourselves, and another is to experience a form of amnesia. Without assistance, we will quickly forget (repress) any memories of the other existence from which we came, or knowledge and insight we posess from there.

When we enter this state of being, we leave the 5th dimension, cross the 4th, to land here in the 3rd. In so doing, we enter a reality in which the rules have changed. We need to properly acclimate to our new reality to attain a state of sanity, or we will exist in a state of misperception and confusion. If not corrected, this state of confusion becomes our default functioning. I now know this condition as "birthing sickness".

Now you tell me - what happens to us when we have a condition that goes untreated? You guessed it - it can become an illness. I know this illness as mad human disease.

On an Enlightened World, we would know about birthing sickness. There, we assist each other from birth to treat and cure this inherent condition so we don't develop the madness. The cure is actually simple. There is even a "game" of cards that can be used to help any child solve their basic time equations, learn t
he implications, and gain a basic working understanding of space-time-gravity, thus cure their birthing sickness and prevent the disease.

Mad Human Disease

The longer birthing sickness goes untreated, the bigger that superstring grows. Our true self becomes quickly repressed (a.k.a. - forgotten). Our true desires repressed (forgotten) along with them. More and more diseased memory is formed, and more diseased, insane, and impossible beliefs are chosen. When untreated birthing sickness is exposed to madness, the mind will try to make sense. It will fail because the madness makes no sense. When a child's mind manages to make sense out of nonsense, he or she has taken one more step down the path of the illness. The eventual result is mad human disease - a condition in which the mind mimics, then becomes addicted to, and even worships nonsensical, backwards, and un-enlightened thought and behavior. Without realizing it, the mind chooses lies and impossibilities as if they were true or real. Without realizing it, crushed and conflicted desire becomes twisted and diseased. Contradiction becomes accepted as both explanation and behavior. Subconscious confusion, misperception, impossibility, and misguided choice becomes their functioning and way of life.

Most mad humans cannot see themselves as part of consciousness, or each other as reflections of themselves. They develop the misperception that blame is real, guilt exists, and punishment is justice - the very crux of the disease - and live it out as a basic way of life. (The religious version says sin is real, guilt exists and punishment is justice. yikes!) Fear, cowardice, and diseased desire can drive them to a passionate quest for power and revenge in order to feel safe and satisfied. Diseased ego, and an inherent misperception, drives them to devalue and dehumanize each other - and all forms of life on their world - thus facilitating every form of freewill violation imaginable.

Remembering that, to the diseased mind, power over others is everything - this quest for power can also become connected to their own sense of self-worth. Many mad humans seek out life partners with this as part of their attraction. In plain English - in the scump world - money (a form of magic) is very attractive, and for some - an opportunity to scump their own life partner, one way or another. Some even go so far as to use their own children as pawns to gain magic and power.


Of all the ironies of the disease, mad humans come to worship the lowest of cowards as their heroes, and look to them as examples to be copied, and leaders to be followed. There is a common saying among mad humans. It has a few variations, but all are versions of the same lie and impossibility - it says, "You're making me angry." Or, "You're pissing me off." "You're hurting my feelings." "You're insulting me." "You're making me feel stupid." The list goes on. These kinds of lies and impossibilities are the words of the lowest coward in all of existence. But mad humans no longer remember who that is, and instead have become it themselves. The lowest coward in all of existence was always one who did not have the courage or insight to take responsibility for their own anger or their own feelings. Instead, the coward blames them on others, then acts accordingly.

Each of us is responsible for our own interpretation of reality. It's not an event to which we react, so not the words or actions of others, but our interpretation of those events. In other words, we are each responsible for our own feelings. No one in the universe has the power to make you feel anything in that way. Only you. Any time you blame others for your feelings, you are blaming them for something that is not possible, and lying to them and yourself at the same time. If your interpretation of reality is producing anger or hurt feelings, you are the one who is doing that to yourself. No one else.

But - mad humans do exactly this - blame others for that which they actually do to themselves. That certainly sounds like a definition of madness. As long as they continue to hold on to their blame, they continue to hurt themselves in a way they do not see, but blame it on others. This cowardice drives their addiction to the madness, as they are either unwilling, or incapable of taking responsibility for their own interpretation, thus their own feelings. They now need the blame to be real. Otherwise, they were responsible for hurting themselves, and are acting from madness and disease. Mad humans can remain this way - stuck in their own anger and blame - for an entire lifetime, never waking up and realizing this truth. They will hold grudges. fight wars, persecute living beings for the past, and seek revenge, even if it maims or kills them in the process. But - it was all a lie. It was always an impossibility. It was always madness.

Mad humans assume a spectrum of forms anywhere from relatively happy and well-adjusted to completely psychotic. As they completely bought into the misperception, these minds can complete an entire incarnation (a lifetime superstring) without ever questioning their condition. For example - on the surface - we see a "harmless" little old lady. When we realize that she wished, thought and chose along with the disease, and worshipped the big collective hurter - not so harmless. When we realize that the company she once worked for scumped her fellow humans (and possibly other living beings) - not so harmless. When we realize that she did her best to "teach" her children her values and ideals - not so harmless. When we remember that she used blame and punish tactics and mentality on her own children - not so harmless.

Perhaps the most difficult part is this - we are all responsible for the formation of the disease within ourselves. We each made the choices that led down that path as children. We chose each and every lie we came to believe. We chose every impossibility we misinterpreted as true and real. No matter what your birth circumstances, no one in the universe thinks for you. No one has the power to interpret reality for you. No one in the universe has the power to choose your beliefs. No one in the universe has the power to challenge your beliefs or misperceptions. At best, a Learner could assist you to assist yourself in these endeavors, but the ultimate choice is up to you.

Adding to the difficulty - we all repress memories. Another way to say that is to put certain things to the back of our mind. Another is to form a subconscious, and yet another is to program ourselves. Yes - we all program ourselves. If we write an insane program, that becomes our functioning. Once nonsensical interpretation goes subconscious, we forget that we were confused all along. We never understood. We never realized we were born in to madness. Everyone else was acting as if the lies were true, the impossibilities were real, and the contradictions made sense. No one told us about birthing sickness, and that it must be cured to attain sanity. That means we all still have the underlying condition, and that we were all affected by the madness.

Adding even more to the difficulty is our feelings and emotions. Along with our choice of interpretation comes the meaning we assign to those interpretations. When we loose our true identity, we begin building a new one around misperception, impossibilities, contradictions, and subconscious lies. When we are making terrible mistakes in both interpretation and choice, but we don't realize - we form subconscious regret just waiting to become conscious. That means we can become addicted to our madness, lies, contradictions, and impossibilities. Even though they are neither true nor real, we now need them to be so. If they were to become exposed, the very fabric of our lives - or at least what we thought our lives were about - can unravel before our mind's eye. The meaning we assigned to those lies, contradictions, and impossibilities unravels as well.

In the end, only you can make the choice to look within yourself and become aware. Only you can be totally honest with yourself. And - only you can cure yourself in this way, or at least step on to the path of the cure. No one else has the power to do that for you. Only you can choose to solve your Time equations to treat your birthing sickness. Only you can learn to recognize the symptoms of the disease within yourself. Only you can admit continued mistakes along the path of Learner, and try to learn from them. Only you can choose the courage to look in the mirror for the truth.


In case you have not remembered this either - anything you choose along with, you become part of, like a cell in a bigger collective body. Anything you choose along with, you also amplify. In order to amplify, there must be at least two minds working together. Together, these two minds actually produce four times the results that the single mind could do acting alone. You can learn more about the amplification effect and how it works here.

Can mad human disease be cured?

The answer is yes, but with difficulty. Prevention is the preferred choice. Both require learning and attempted sanity. If we can attain, and learn to demonstrate sanity, then we help our infants and children. That is the big cure. That choice would change the world and outlive us. A generation of sane children, if large enough, can survive and ultimately thrive. We would become part of a chain of events that has its own repercussions.

It appears that - once formed - the madness remains a part of that superstring. Conscious memory of diseased thoughts and choices will remain for the duration of that lifetime. Subconscious memories and subconscious beliefs can also remain, and are formidable even to advanced learners. The cascade of feelings and emotion that comes from reinterpretation which - although the truth - results in choices and memory becoming regret is painful. Once the madness has formed, it appears to run a course that spans many years before a potential awakening might occur. It also appears to manifest itself in repeating patterns and cycles that can repeat for an entire lifetime. Children as young as two years old are already affected. Once diseased beliefs are chosen, they tend to build on each other - like a program. That mind will now exhibit corresponding behavior and repeat diseased patterns, thus both choosing and attracting misguided energy and circumstances over and over.

As compromised adults, the best that may be possible for us is a state of aware learner. This is commonly known as an awakening, however it appears that true, full awakenings are rare. Some mad humans achieve a state I know as "half enlightened". Sometimes this is from having faced some sort of difficulty or adversity. Sometimes the seeming result of advanced education. Sometimes produced in psychotherapy. Some from near-death or clinical death experiences. Some mad humans even exhibit impressive psychic gifts or abilities. Unfortunately, one way or another, these minds can come to believe they are enlightened, when in fact they are not. They include our own doctors, scientists, priests, psychologists, psychics, gurus, and "teachers", as they currently stand without truly solving their time equations and realizing the implications.

Sometimes these minds have come a small part of the way, and some begin to think and choose in slightly different ways, but all cling to the basic premises of the madness, speak in diseased terminology and concepts, and continue to exhibit the behavior. Usually in these cases, insane, impossible, or misguided religious and/or metaphysical beliefs are replaced with others. Half-enlightened humans can sometimes be reached by the sane perspective, but they cannot maintain that state of mind without continual assistance. True fully-awakened (stage 5) learners become their own teachers and guides, and no longer need the assistance of more advanced learners to stay on the path.

I have identified seven distinct stages of mad human disease. when I wrote this page, by my account, I was in stage five. If you would like to read a brief description of the seven stages of mad human disease, you can do that here.

The Key to healing the world.

US! It's up to us. We would need to became a generation of TRUE Learners, not just half-enlightened (or less) minds. It actually can't fail, but it doesn't work if we don't actually do it. We each need to learn to recognize the symptoms of the disease in ourselves, make adjustments, and properly cure our birthing sickness. Help the children. Set them free of our disease. That amplifies. Then again.

If we were to do this - become true Learners, and it were planet-wide, then true healing of the Earth's human consciousness would take two more generations. The first would need to be a generation of babies who were properly cured of birthing sickness before the madness can form. The fact that mere learners attempted to raise this generation would impose an additional difficulty, as we learners still suffer lingering effects of the madness.

If done successfully however, this first new generation of children would be immune to the disease. They would surpass us in evolution by an order of magnitude. They would have learned to recognize a mad human when encountered, rather than worship (become) them. They would also not resonate on diseased frequencies, so would wish, think and choose in different ways. At that stage, it would be up to them to raise the second wave of fully enlightened children, both cured of birthing sickness in stage 2, and educated about the disease - rather than exposed to it. As long as that cycle repeats, healthy and enlightened human consciousness would thrive on the Earth. Mad humans would become all but extinct on the Earth in less than 100 years.

An Enlightened World

Here on the Earth, the mad humans believe they are their children's teachers. Like everything else they do, this is of course completely backwards. Since it is madness - blame and punish mentality and behavior, and sad-angry-guilty drama is devastating to us as children. Compete-for-survival is not our true nature or paradigm. Nor is the practice I have called scumping. For most - "imaginary" friends, other-dimensional communication, and subconscious abilities are quickly anti-acknowledged, dismissed, and even loudly discouraged. The treasure trove of advanced and evolved information trying to become conscious is lost, and the doors become closed.

When we remember that we are beings who come here from another dimension, we potentially come here with advanced knowledge and wisdom still intact. We also come with our enlightenment still intact. On an Enlightened World, many of our advances in medicine and technology, and scores of other valuable information and communication, come by way of our children. Instead of shutting them down, every effort is made to assist them to attain sanity, hold on to their identity, enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, and to maintain their inter-dimensional awareness and communication.

An Enlightened Universe

The next order of magnitude from Enlightened World would be Enlightened Galaxy, then Enlightened Universe. Again - anything you choose along with, you become part of and amplify. Choosing diseased consciousness and unenlightened world makes you part of an unenlightened universe. It keeps you focused on a little picture of reality, a picture of a broken-apart planet, and a little picture of yourself. I suggest the universe is FULL of life and contains many enlightened worlds. I suggest that enlightened worlds further amplify their power and abilities by cooperating and choosing along with other enlightened worlds. In so doing, they form a next order of magnitude than planet, forming a vast collective enlightened consciousness. That game is available for us to play anytime we are ready to choose it. I’m ready. How about you?


                              The collective hurter of the Earth

Here we have a representation of ourselves as consciousness. In this case, the consciousness of the earth.

Now - as consciousness - if there was a most backward thing we could possibly be doing, what would you say it is? How about choosing the disease? That doesn't sound too smart, does it? I mean - who would do that? It seems that no one would deliberately do that - and yet that is what is happening, so we need some help. Could do anything more backward that?

Well - now that you mention it - actually we can. We could perform the disease and call it the cure. That does sound even stupider, doesn't it? That way we actually feed on, and inusure the survival of the disease, rather than implement a cure.

Is that as misguided as we can go? Down the path of perpetuated disease? Once again, the answer is no. We could perform Amplified Disease and call it the cure. That would require either two or more of us choosing together, or amplifying our abilities in other ways, like sticks and loaded guns.

So - Amplified Disease. Yikes! Definitely not too smart - but can we do anything lower than that? More backward or diseased (disassembled)? The answer is yes - there is one more level. We could do the stupidest and most backward thing possible in this reality. We could make the disease our rules and laws. In other words - perform Amplified Institutionalized Disease, and call it the cure.

Yes - that is the worst thing we could do, because we now we actually worship the disease. Now we have a repeating syndrome of madness - the antithesis of health, sanity or enlightenment. We would now suffer from something I could call Amplified Institutionalized Disease Syndrome (or AIDS for short). We could perform AIDS on ourselves by default, without ever questioning it. We could even make questioning it a persecutable offense. That way - if anyone wakes up and realizes what we are doing, and how backwards it is - they likely won't even warn us or try to help us wake up. We can't have that because, if anyone ever were to question "the authorities" - our disease and madness would be easily exposed and could reassemble into something more sane and enlightened.

So - three levels down the path of disease. Could we possibly go any further down than that? This time, the answer is no. That is as far as it goes in third-dimensional reality. Like everything in the dimension of Time - everything occurs in threes. I find it an interesting, if not deliberate irony that Amplified Institutionalized Disease Syndrome is the acronym AIDS. Could we actually be performing AIDS on ourselves, and calling it the cure? If so, do you think we need to wake up and stop doing that?

When we perform AIDS on ourselves, we begin forming something that is easily recognized. We begin to grow a collective hurter within ourselves and start to look diseased. If I were to try to draw a picture, it might look something like this.   
If we were to magnify this hurter one order of magnitude, like all complex forms of life, it would be seen as made of cells. Guess what each one of those cells is made of? You guessed it - us.
Like anything that is amplified, the power of this collective hurter is many times the sum of its parts. When this page was written, there were an estimated 7.3 billion humans on this planet. That means, this collective hurter is being amplifed by approximately 7.3 billion to the power of 7.3 billion human minds. That is an enormous collective hurter, and something I could actually call a "beast". It is a bit of an irony among mad humans that many of them fear something they call the "mark of the beast", and yet they proudly wear and worship that very thing without even realizing they are doing it.

Now since we are talking about a collective hurter, formed by billions of diseased minds, we need to understand a condition I know as "third-eye blind". I suggest our binocular eyes see reflected light in the dimension I call "space". I also suggest we have another "eye" that sees in a different way that I could call our mind's eye. That third eye sees in the dimension I call Time.


Our third eye sees in Time.

These eyes see only reflected light.

A being with their third eye fully-open would interpret reality in a different way than analogue (see just below).

But - what does it look like when a being is third-eye blind?


When I try to look, this is what I see. Instead of an awake and aware third eye, theirs looks like a black hole. Maybe something that looks hypnotized, mesmerized, or asleep. The default confusion of untreated birthing sickness - combined with full-blown mad human disease - has resulted in a third eye that is closed and/or completely out-of-focus to sane and enlightened reality.

This mind will operate on a default misperception that is easily recognized. The thought and behavior patterns will resonate like this:

Here we have the blind (asleep) third eye. Below, its energy signature.

I know this as the "analogue" energy signature, and this mentality as two-pole thought. I know these misperceptions as the mentality of the disease. Look closely. Can you see "have to" thinking? In other words, these minds do not see any other choice or interpretation than the one they make over and over. They only see life in two poles - black or white - good or bad, or any other version of analogue thought.

Can you also see this mentality? Positive and Negative? Good and Evil? Innocent or Guilty? Right and Wrong? Listen for this and know - if this being thinks and speaks with this language and thought form, no matter who they are or what they claim to be - THIS BEING HAS THE DISEASE BUT DOES NOT KNOW IT. This is backwards thought at work.

Like any organism, the institutionalized persecutor of living beings is made of many organized parts. Without the cooperation of all it's parts, the institutionalized persecutor would no longer function. Can it be dismantled, abandoned, or transformed on this world? Let's take a look at what makes it tick.

Perhaps the most common cells we would all recognize - the stick-and-loaded-gun hurter. His or her motto? As always, the lie that says blame is real, guilt exists, and punishment is justice and answer to our problems in life. The lie that says a living being can deserve to be hurt, punished, or suffer. His or her actions? The ultimate contradiction. His or her solution to the problem? More of the problem. His or her cure for the disease? More of the disease. Not just more disease, Amplifed, Institutionalized Disease.

Let's say there is a problem. Diseased behavior has resulted in someone being hurt. The big question is - what do we do about it? According to the institutionalized persecutor, there is only one answer - persecute a living being for the past. In other words - perform the disease and call it the cure. No matter how much hurting has already occurred, or how long ago it happened, that has not been enough hurting for this person. One way or another - they still want more hurting. More of the problem. I can't stress this enough - not just more of the problem, but more of the problem amplified.

According to the institutionalized persecutors I personally interviewed, it's almost as if - the more living beings he or she beats, hurts, enslaves, and astroces for the past, the more living beings need to be beat, hurt, enslaved and atroced. That's because the more disease we choose, the more disease we get as the result. That is not news, and yet it's as if these minds do not know and cannot understand that simple equation.

Unfortunately, when you take the backwardness, cowardice, and stupidity of blame out of the equation, he or she does nothing else but persecute living beings for the past, and perform the very act of the disease - deliberate and intentional harm to living beings - but call it the cure, and claim it's the answer.


Notice the badge, carefully placed over the black hole where their third eye should be. Also notice how shiny it is, with engraved beams of light, as if coming straight out of the third eye. This is a tactic to say "We are your rulers. We are your gods. Bow down to us and obey!". This is common and almost universal planet-wide. Because they have the same condition - all mad humans think in exactly the same way, so are completely susceptible to this tactic. Be aware and see how your gut reacts the next time you witness or encounter an institutionalized hurter. Observe your reaction if the blame and persecution is being pointed at you. Observe your reaction if the blame and persecution is being pointed at someone else. Observe the mentality at work. See if it can be challenged or changed within yourself. 

  Remembering that the collective hurter is also the same thing the mad humans call "the beast", we can now clearly see how the shiny badge is actually the mark of the very beast they fear, but do not recognize or understand. Although their religious beliefs claim this "mark of the beast" to be a sign of what they call "the devil", they are the ones unwittingly forming and worshiping their devil. By their own beliefs and definitions, their devil would deliberately and intentionally inflict punishment and suffering on living beings for the past, and call it justice. Huh - that's the very same thing their collective hurter does. How interesting.

You tell me - is this the voice of your rulers and leaders? Your heroes, gods, and teachers? The answer to your problems in life? Or nothing more than a mad human with a stick and a loaded gun, wearing the mark of the beast, and worshiping the disease but calling it the cure? That choice is in the eye of the interpreter, so is up to you.

The next step in the madness - the judge. Notice he or she sits high up, vertically towering over everyone else. Once again, a tactic intended to intimidate and communicate authority. Notice the BLACK robe. Notice the hammer of institutionalized persecution. Notice how all are told to worship this hurter (all rise...) and refer to them as "your honor". Failure to do so will result in YOU being the target of persecution and deliberate, intentional harm.

The tired old cry of the institutionalized hurter - "Do what we tell you, or we will hurt you. Say what we tell you, or we will hurt you. Think what we tell you, or we will hurt you. Pay us the money (give us your magic), or we will hurt you. " Could you even begin to imagine the dark and misguided energy that channels itself through this being with each and every act of institutionalized persecution? And this is your ruler? Your leader? Your hero? Your god? Your teacher? The answer to your problems in life? Yikes !

  Next we have the institutionalized persecutor and professional blamer commonly known as an "attorney". Notice how cleverly he or she has switched two letters of this word for form something they call a "prosecutor". Do you see it?
pERsecutor - pROsecutor. Slick, huh? In case you have not realized this yet - persecuting living beings for the past is not a form of justice, nor is it the answer to your problems in life. In fact, once again, it is actually a manifestation of the madness, and perpetuates the disease. When we remember that the mentality of blame and practice of punish is part of what makes us scump, a professional blamer becomes the most misguided soul that exists in this universe. Performing the disease and calling it the cure - yeah, that made sense. That sounded smart. Oh wait - no it didn't.

Now the final link in the chain - the jury. Here we are told to take part in the madness, being told it is our duty to persecute living beings for the past. Failure to comply - of course - results in US being persecuted. Yes - in the disease world, refusal to persecute living beings for the past is actually a persecutable offense! That means - according to the institutionalized persecutors - we don't have the right to choose enlightened? I'm sorry, but that is yet another lie. As always with an institutionalized persecutor, we are given an impossible choice. Take part in hurting others, or you will be hurt. Blame others, or you will be blamed. Nice.

As the jury, we are given our instructions. Only one of two possible options - like all two-pole backwards thought - guilty or innocent. As the condition itself is a two-pole arrangement (an impossibility), diseased minds are completely bought in to this mindset. It does not even occur to them that they forgot the true question, and that the hurter, judge, and persecutor are the true criminals, and are diseased and insane.


Mad human disease manifests itself in many ways, and in repeating patterns. There is one particular pattern it follows that further involves AIDS - Eruption. The most common eruption of diseased behavior is commonly called a "war". If the eruption is a bit bigger, it reaches something I could call a holocaust. When it gets big enough, such an eruption can reach a level known as cataclysm (or apocalypse). We still have the conscious memories of our recent wars and holocausts, but we no longer remember the last cataclysm. In fact, it would be part of the definition of cataclysm that it is so big and devastating, and so much is lost, that it becomes only a legend that a "great society" once existed, but is now gone. Along with it - all of the knowledge, advances, and conscious memories it contained.

Are we in such a great society right now? We have computers, flying machines, world travel and communication, humble beginnings of advanced science and medicine, humble beginnings of space travel and exploration, and we have unleashed the stored energy of the atom. We have laser-guided bullets and missles, and other forms of death rays like sound weapons in our arsenal. We can engineer chemical and biological weapons easily capable of a world-wide disaster. Are we headed for a next cataclysm? Will AIDS bring that upon us all? Is it already too late? Has the addiction gone too far? Or can it be stopped? If so, we need to turn our attention to yet another form of institutionalized hurting. This time not pointed at an independent hurter, but instead, another version of a collective hurter commonly called an army.

There is an age-old equation among mad humans. It always involves two factions, so is easily recognized as two-pole, thus diseased. Mad humans refer to it as the battle between good and evil. In slightly different terms, the good guys verses the bad guys. No matter how long we wage this war, or how much loss, pain and suffering is produced, we somehow never realize this simple truth: Our good guys are their bad guys. Their good guys are our bad guys. What one side calls "positive" the other side calls "negative". It's all a reflection in a mirror. It's all us.

Soldiers must follow orders without question. Orders handed down from third-eye blind scump of course. Do NOT think for yourself ! Failure to follow orders results in being fed to the process described above. A soldier must prepare to dehumanize on the order of magnitude needed to fight a war - no matter who they are told to hurt, or what they are told to do.

It seems that many mad humans enthusiastically volunteer for this role, seeing it as duty, honorable, an opportunity to feed, or to become heroes in the eyes of their fellow scump. Some are ready to sacrifice life and limb for their cause, or at least what they believe their cause to be. Others are given the tired old choice of the institutionalized hurter - join us and hurt people, or you will be hurt.

One again - watch for the insignia or shiny badge on the hats of many army uniforms.

Are these heroes? Or, by the definition above, are they cowards who think they are heroes? Is this truly the answer to our problems in life? Or does it sound more like the problem than the answer? Are these sane or enlightened minds? Or misguided minds who have been believing the same lies and impossibilities since they went mad as children?  Does this look healthy in any way? Or just more AIDS - institutionalized hurters - carrying out the very same madness, just in a slightly different way? And on a potentially global scale?

The longer you live the disease, the more addicted you will become, and the harder it will be to cure yourself. If you go too far, the addiction will demand that you cling to the lies and impossibilities you call your beliefs, or you will begin to suffer ill effects. Once you perform the disease, it's likely too late to go back and change it. If your perception and interpretation of reality were to change, the choices and memories you were once so proud of - and the repercussions of those choices - can become the most terrible regrets.

A quick review is in order.

Once again - The hypnotized third eye...

The diseased energy signature...

And more examples of the misperception.

In this case, pay careful attention to the idea of "us" and "them". People, it's all us ! There is no them. You can't hurt "them" without hurting us all. Becoming the very thing you hate and fear is a definition of the madness. Performing the disease and calling it the cure is the worst mistake it's possible to make in life, no matter what dimension your find yourself.

Now, remembering that we amplify anything we choose together, lets take a quick look at the energy dynamics of an army of hurters fighting against the reflection of themselves seen as their "enemy".


When we have one mind acting alone - we have the power of one.

When two minds work together, they produce four times the results the single mind could do alone.

Now here is an army of 1000 soldiers. When I tried to take 1000 to the power of 1000, the result was so big that my calculator could not even calculate the result! That's a LOT of energy !

The problem is, the other side of the two-pole arrangement also has 1000 soldiers, so is amplified to the same degree.

There is a total of 2000 soldiers, but you tell me - what happened to all the energy? Did it amplify? Or did it cancel itself out? This is again madness at work. Any intelligent engineer makes full use of conservation of energy. A foolish one wastes it away. We have a choice.

The True Question

Now that we have thoroughly bashed the collective hurter, let's remember some important things. Maybe we can even remember something that can help end the madness and heal this world forever. I hope that is worth exploring to you. If you are still with me reading this page, then this is the part you have been waiting for - the cure and the answer. It was important for you to understand the problem before I show you the answer. Although my brief and incomplete description above could not possibly fully describe the problem, it is a start. Hopefully it is enough. Now, all you have to do is get on board the cure, and you will be on your way.

Are you ready? Here we go...

We do have a predicament. There is a problem. In short - disease at work, doing what disease does. And this madness is formidable. Even though the equations to cure it are simple - there are difficulties in curing it within ourselves. It takes conscious effort and determination. It takes true courage. It requires not just learning, but re-learning what we thought we knew, but were mistaken. If we do nothing about it - it will only continue. So the question is - what do we do about it? More disease cannot be the answer, but what is?

To answer that - we need to try to remember what it is we truly want. In the manifestation process - is all begins with desire. What is your true desire? What do you truly want?

The truth is that none of us wants disease. None of us wants to have been born into disease. None of us wants to find that we have gone mad, and have been living out lies and impossibilities as if they were true or real. None of us wants to find out we have fallen for a trick, or have been making terrible mistakes. None of us wants to be acting from cowardice, but calling it heroism. None of us wants our choices and memories to become regrets. But the cold-hard reality is - that is the situation.

That means the disease was always crushed desire. We were never getting what we truly wanted. From crushed desire grew conflict, then twisted desire, and ultimately - when our desire became to inflict deliberate and intentional harm - it became the very definition of diseased desire.

So what is our true desire? If you are like me, that would be sanity. To be truly safe and free of the disease. To live healthy and enlightened. To live in balance and harmony. To possess our true identity. To live free of conflict. Free of suffering. Free of hurters. Free of cowards. Free of the madness. To live in paradise once again. To bring back the glory that once was Lemuria. We were all once the Lemurians, and now have lost our way. But we can have it all back, and more. Now that we have experienced the worst the dark piece has to offer, we will have the most valuable learning experience that was possible in this universe as ours for the keeping. We could become the envy of this entire universe.

Sounds like a worthy goal to me. How would we bring all of that about?

Big surprise, but that answer has three parts. In short, forgiveness, love, and thankfulness, in any order you wish to choose them.

Please remember - the disease is a choice we all made. The only way that ever changes is for us to change and make a different choice. That will mean abandoning the old choices. Abandoning the old pathways. The cure to many diseases of the body is to stop feeding the disease. It is the same with mad human disease. Stop feeding it, and it will whither and die. Stop choosing it, and it goes extinct. It's that simple. It's that easy. In this case, if we stop choosing the disease, and instead choose the cure, there is no way it can fail. 

So as a start, we must forgive ourselves for succumbing to the madness. We must forgive others for the same. We were susceptible to the disease. All of us. Not a single one of us was immune. We must work together to educate, cure, and heal ourselves - excluding no one. I can't stress that enough - excluding no one. From the most terrible institutionalized hurter and persecutor of living beings, to the most terrible independent hurter of living beings, to the most powerful healer you have ever encountered, all of us are equally valuable and worthy. All of us need help. All of us need cured.

And that forgiveness needs to work both ways. That means we forgive others, and ask them to forgive us in return. Why do we need forgiven? Even if we don't see ourselves as hurters? Because we all went mad. We were all forming the beast. We were all pointing the blame. We all grew the disease. We were the ones who called ourselves "teachers", but demonstrated disease instead. We were the ones calling ourselves "the authorities" but were authorities on nothing but madness and disease.

Second of all, we must choose love. Now a lot of people speak those words, but what does that really mean? After all, in the end, even the most diseased of desire - the desire to inflict deliberate and intentional harm - is still an act of love. It's only love that is so bent-and-twisted that it no longer looks like love. So of all the things that might sound backward to hear, that means even hatred is actually bent-and-twisted love. One more way to say that could then be to say that hatred is diseased love. Obviously diseased love is not the cure, so when I say we must choose love, we need a little bit more understanding of what that might mean.

So for that, I will try to illustrate. There are some on this world who have learned this secret about healing. In short, to love their injury, whatever it might be. No one wants to be hurt, but disease brings that upon us. So when we get hurt in some way, if we have gone mad, our default reaction is usually to feel angry. Sometimes sadness. Sometimes regret. Sometimes fear. Sometimes loss. Sometimes hatred. I'm sure I am forgetting something there, but you get the idea. What we think about our injury is producing those feelings, but when we do that, we are pointing those thoughts, that energy, those feelings at both ourselves and others. That my friend, is disease. That means, when we have gone mad, in reaction to being hurt, we tend to choose the worst thing we could possibly choose - more disease. Sound familiar?

So of all the things that might sound backward to hear, what we need to do is to love our injury. To love the disease. Literally say to it/him/her the words, "I love you". And words are not enough. We need to find a way to be able to feel it too. So how do we do that? By implementing the third part of the cure - thankfulness.

So what in the world could there be to be thankful for when it comes to injury or disease? Once again, that probably sounds backwards. But there is something, and it's the lesson we have learned. If we stop thinking of diseased behavior as our enemy who is out to hurt us, and begin thinking of them as our friend from spirit who is trying to help us see and learn something important, then we have once again stepped on to the path of the cure.

You may be able to test this for yourself. Perhaps you have sustained an injury in this life. It could be anything from a cut or bruise, to a horrible betrayal, to the death or loss of a loved one, to a terrible illness that has affected your life in profound ways. You may have suffered terrible pain and loss because of this injury. You may feel everything I described above from anger to hatred and beyond. So to try to implement this cure, what you must do is to change your thinking. Instead of an injury or illness, begin thinking of it/him/her as a friend. Try to make a list of everything you have learned from this friend. All the ways your life changed. All the people you have met. All the things that your friend brought into your life that you can value. All the things that left your life that no longer served you. Any ways this was actually protecting you from something else, so that those events never happened. Anything at all that comes to your mind that you can honestly say you value.

Once you begin to do that, and you begin to think of, speak to, and treat your injury as your friend, hopefully you can begin to be thankful for what was learned, and feel at least a little gratitude. Hopefully, the more gratitude you feel, the more you will heal. It might take some time, and the change must become permanent. If you try it for a minute, or an hour, or a day, and then go back to the way things were, nothing has changed. But - if you can begin to live the cure, hopefully - its magic will begin to work for you, and you will begin to see results. Only time will tell, but I hope this is worth a try. After all, if love won't cure this thing, then it would seem that nothing will.

So that takes us to three dimensions of the cure. Is three dimensions enough? It does seem to work, but can we take this idea any further? Improve or amplify the formula? Make the cure even more effective, and our magic even more powerful? My answer is yes, and here are the enhancements I have learned so far.

The next step appears to be kindness. What has come to me is an old adage I heard as a child called the "Golden Rule". Basically it means treating others the way you would want to be treated. Once again, that is going to mean no matter what has happened or what someone may have done or not done. There must be no exceptions, or it's not sincere. There must be no contradictions or double standards, or we are not truly practicing kindness and the golden rule. That means not only pointing it at others, but at yourself as well.

So you could potentially apply this to your injury, if you have one. Perhaps there is something your friend would want or need? Some way he or she would prefer to be treated? Some act of kindness that can further this new bond of friendship between you? A gesture you can make? You might even ask your friend to do the same? Perhaps there are kinder and gentler ways you can learn? If you are open to seeing them and can become aware when you are receiving a message? Hopefully you will be amazed at the results when you try a little kindness as your way of life.

One more piece I have learned is understanding. If you can learn to apply it, your cure will have become five dimensions deep. In this model of reality, the 5th Dimension is the beginnings of the spirit world, so adding a 5th piece to our magic reaches a new level of something we might call spiritual.

This may be the most difficult piece to apply because it once again needs to be genuine and sincere. It's not enough to say the words, "I understand" - but not truly understand. So this part requires insight - the ability to look inside yourself. True understanding allows you to put yourself in someone else's shoes. It enhances your ability to offer both kindness and forgiveness. It requires something on your part I know as Personal Spiritual Integrity (PSI). That means, if you don't understand - admitting to both yourself and others that you don't understand. It means instead of saying you understand but not really doing so, seeking to understand so it can be genuine and sincere.

We may all have been born with insight, but we lose it very quickly as infants and children (see birthing sickness). If we don't do something to hold on to it, the sanity and enlightenment we possess as spirits slips away rather quickly in this reality. So it must be learned, or perhaps re-learned or remembered. Since it's not possible to teach, only show or guide, then no one can teach this to you. It's completely up to you to pursue your own learning and take responsibility as your own teacher in life. It's up to you to attain and maintain the PSI of your own knowledge. If you can learn it however, it has the potential to make you an even more powerful healer, and gives your magic and power this new dimension.

So for our entire planet, after reading this message, I hope of all things you may have learned, the simple truth that Amplified Institutionalized Disease will not cure anyone or heal anything. That is really not news, and yet maybe it is to you, so is worth hearing again. Independent hurting will not cure anyone or heal anything either. That is also not news. Please remember - we always had the right to protect ourselves, but we must learn to protect and heal ourselves from the disease, not become it. Not choose it as the cure or the answer. That only brings more of the madness upon us all. If we can become enlightened enough to choose in other directions, we will be on the path of the cure.

And of course this will work, but not if we don't truly do it. If we remain diseased, or at best - half-enlightened - and act accordingly, nothing will change. There is only one person in this entire universe you can change, and that is yourself. This is where it is up to each of us to do our part in healing and evolving ourselves to the level of true Learner. Half-enlightened or less will not do. Only then can we help ourselves, and help our children and future generations to truly have an enlightened Earth.

The seven stages of mad human disease - a brief overview.

Stage one is our original enlightened state of being. The only place we probably truly experienced this was from spirit - before incarnating. The closest we come in this reality would be a newborn infant, still in touch with their true identity, "higher" self, sanity, and enlightenment. We all started here. In essence, this is where we need to return.

Stage two is birthing sickness, so a state of confusion. As soon as we began to experience physical reality, and everything and everyone perceived as outside of ourselves became a reflection of the past - birthing sickness had begun. We would have crossed from one dimension - through another - to this one, and the rules to reality would have changed. But - this was still before we tried to make sense of the mad humans. This is where the disease could be prevented. If we were to cure our misperceptions before we choose lies, impossibilities, and contradictions as our way of thought, we could do just that.

Stage three is full-blown mad human disease, described in great detail above. Unfortunately it appears that, by the time we can walk and talk, we have gone mad. Except for the few who awaken to their true nature in this dimension as trinity (stage 5 learners), Earth humans live the disease in stage three for their entire life without ever realizing or questioning it.

Stage four is a potential awakening, usually experienced as a crisis or breakdown. It is unfortunate that this state of awakening is misinterpreted by the doctors and psychologists of this world (who have the disease themselves but do not know it) as something they call a "disorder". Every effort is made - from misguided counseling efforts to drugs - to put their awakening patient back to sleep. Stage four is actually a return to confusion, so a partial re-experience of stage two. In this stage of the madness, lies, contradictions, impossibilities, and misguided beliefs begin to let us down, and will no longer explain reality. A stage four mad human can sometimes be helped to achieve stage five, as the door may be open to other possible interpretations of self and reality. This is where some people make contact with a former version of themselves sometimes called an "inner child". Unfortunately, many mad humans who reach stage four find a way to resolve their crisis without further progress, and regress back to stage three, where they can remain for the rest of their life.

Stage five is a true, full awakening where first contact is made between all three parts of the self. Our "many worlds" voice talks for the first time. If I am any example, this begins a potentially long, and sometimes painful journey of reflection, learning, reinterpretation and re-programming. A true stage five learner becomes their own guide and "teacher" and likely no longer seeks the advice or opinions of others. Some mad humans can enter a trance state and "channel" information from a many worlds and/or other-dimensional perspective. This however, is not a true stage five learner. Once the trance state is broken, such a person remains diseased in their conscious thinking, wishing and choosing, and will continue to exhibit the defining characteristics of any stage three mad human. If you listen to their channeled information with discernment, you may also find it still contains two-pole thought and mentality, contradictions, impossibilities, and may even still worship the disease.

Stage six occurs when a stage five learner achieves a stable sane and enlightened version of themselves. All necessary memories, false beliefs, and impossibilities have been successfully challenged and reprogrammed. A stage six learner would no longer suffer from the issues developed in their childhood. They could no longer be triggered into madness, blame, or fear by any triggering event, no matter how mad a human they encounter, or who that person is to them. Any remaining manifestations of the disease have become negligible. When I wrote this page, by this account, I was still in stage five of the disease and had yet to reach stage six.

Stage seven is theoretical, but would be someone who has healed as if the disease never happened. In essence - a return to stage one. If a stage one infant were to cure their birthing sickness in stage 2 and prevent the disease, they would achieve stage seven and skip over stages 3, 4, 5 & 6. The only difference would be that a stage seven recovering mad human would have the experience and memories from having lived the disease. The enlightened child - who prevented the disease in stage 2 and became a sane and enlightened adult - would not. 

A testament for all who contributed to this page

This page is a testament for my brother Michael, who sacrificed his life to try to show me this information. It is a testament for many other living beings who suffered or died to try to show this to me. It is a testiment for many others who helped me learn and understand both the disease, and the cure. It is also a testament for the person who may have compromised himself a little by demonstrating the disease to me in such a profound and unbelievable manner, so that I would see it and come to understand. It is customary on this world to name a disease after the first person diagnosed with it, thus it was this person who inspired the name "scump". He will never understand in this lifetime, but I suspect it was planned from spirit. Hopefully from there, we will be pleased with the results and be able to have a good laugh over it some day.

This page still under development. I have changed and added to it many times over many years. I will continue to update it for as long as I am able with any new information, updates or insights that come to me to try and improve and expand the message it contains. Thank you for reading it and considering these words. You are loved and valued. Please forgive me for any ways you disagree or felt insulted, and I will forgive you for the same. Perhaps some day i will meet you, whether in this life or the next, and we will remember the day you found this page and read it, and be able to talk about what was said.

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