This page is here to briefly explore something that I hope is important to you – your power. The ways you use your powers to rearrange pieces and form reality. The part you may be playing in completing a universe. The journey you may be on, and the lesson you may be trying to learn, even if you are not yet aware it's so.


Let’s start with a few simple definitions.
If I asked you to tell me where you are, what is your answer? What kind of definition would you give? Did you answer in terms of a place? Your office? Your house? Your city or country? A planet? A universe? How big was your definition? And is it accurate? Or is there some other way to define where you are?

If I asked what you are, again – what is your answer? A boy? Girl? Man? Woman? Human? Primate? Conscious being?

OK, one more. Who are you? Do you have a definition? A method of forming such a definition? Where did you look for your identity? Was it in relation to others? Or was it something within yourself?

Is there a way to connect all three of your answers together? I suggest there is, and I am going to show it to you if I can. I will try to do that by giving you my answers. My answer begins with the premise that I am part of consciousness, and in this place, everything is consciousness.

So what am I? Consciousness. Simple. Easy. True.

Does that help me identify where I am? My answer is yes. Instead of a “place” like a planet or universe, it turns out that I am in a state of being. I know this state of being as the 3rd Dimension, so to be even more accurate, I am in the 3rd Dimension of consciousness. Another way to say that is to be in the Dimension of Time.

Are there other Dimensions? My answer is yes, and from this school of thought, there are 13 Dimensions of us. What is a Dimension? Simple. A state of being. So that means, from this school of thought, in our current configuration, there are 13 states of being to our consciousness. Again, we are in the 3rd.

So to the last question – who am I? My answer is many things, but of all the answers I could give, the one that seems to fit the best is a learner. So learner it is.

Since we are exploring our power and how to use it, we need to answer one more age-old question - What is the universe made of? What exactly are we working with? What is the medium? The substance?

My answer – it’s us! We’re doing it. The universe is made of us. We became part of this universe by exchanging energy with it.

Now in our universe, we have learned that nothing is ever created or destroyed. It only changes forms. It forms pieces and then rearranges them, like a game. The rules to this game? Take it apart. Forget that you took it apart. Forget how to put it back together. Now… go!

Picture a whole bunch of things putting themselves back together. That is our universe. Guess what? It’s the same with you.

I believe you will agree that you are in a dimension called Time. That means Time is also a state of being. In Time, there are always three pieces that make up the whole. 3rd Dimensional reality. Height, width and depth. Past, present and future. Memory, emotion and imagination. Protons, neutrons and electrons. No matter how we try to look, we reach the same conclusion. Everything in here is made in three’s.

It’s the same with our power. The ways we use ourselves and our abilities to manifest. It’s done in three’s. The formula? Easy. Desire, thought and choice. In that order. It’s that simple. In this reality, we are beings who combine desire, thought and choice to manifest reality.

We need to look for a moment at thought. Why? Because that’s where we’re screwing up. In the manifestation process, we choose according to what we think. We can’t help it. In that process, thought precedes choice. We choose along with many other minds, and in so doing, amplify our power and ability. I hope you will agree - If done in backwards or misguided ways, this can bring about undesired results. This is a place we need help. This is one of our keys. If you would like to read more about misguided consciousness, you can do that here.

The world we know as the Earth is a world divided. It plays a game that has only two poles. It’s missing one of its pieces. There are many definitions of these two poles, but they will always have the same “energy signature”. Us and them. Me and you. Friends and enemies. Hurters and victims. It is a paradigm of separateness. An inherent conflict. To me, it looks like this.

This is also the energy signature of an illusion. It’s here that all of our troubles lie. In this two-pole world, the second dimension of consciousness, interpretation becomes our reality. We then react to our own interpretation and choose accordingly. Again, we can’t help it. This becomes our experience. This is how we manifest.

What happens when you begin to misinterpret what you think you see? What happens when you then act on that misinterpretation? What becomes real? What is not? What manifests? Can you see the misperception of this energy signature? The limitation? The incompleteness? Take a good look at these forms of thought. This is the key. This is the thought language of Blame, and healing Blame will heal our world.

                                                      Light      Darkness
                                                    Positive    Negative
                                                       Good        Bad
                                                       Right      Wrong
                                                       God         Devil
                                                     Innocent   Guilty
                                                        Life        Death
                                                         Us         Them

Here on the Earth there are many countries. Many systems. Many families. Many beliefs. Many versions of an "Us" and a "Them". Each out to provide for themselves while excluding the others. This is separateness. A game called Compete-for-survival. A game based in Fear.

This is where I want to guide you. The next dimension of thought. A next level of awareness. A next level of manifesting. A different kind of frequency. A key to our identity. A reconnection with your own subconscious and unconscious mind. A game called Balance. A truer expression of Love. A more complete expression of yourself. True third dimensional consciousness.

Now let's put it all together. Here are all three energy signatures as arranged through this model of reality. First as I have presented them above.

Here we have the ANALOGUE piece... ... the DIGITAL perspective... ... and the DARK PIECE that is messing with our minds.

                                         Now said in a slightly different way:

We still have ANALOGUE, so
Superdeterminism, Certainty, anything already decided, pre-chosen, or being seen in two poles. This is also commonly known as "Phyisical" reality.
Here we have what is known as "many worlds". That could be interpreted as many possibilities. This is also Emotional Reality. Here we have the surface of a mirror, so what we were really seeing all along - a reflection of ourselves that we don't automatically recognize unless we train ourselves to do so. This is Mental Reality.

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