Time Theory Model of Reality

Time Theory is a model of reality different than our current paradigm. It says that, where we are in this reality is the Dimension of Time. Another way to say that is to say we are in a possible state of being, and another is to say we are in the 3rd dimension of consciousness. Time theory holds a basic premise that says Time is like a mirror in which we only see or experience reflections of ourselves. Because of that premise, it refers to something called the "Time Mirror".

The Time Mirror is not like an ordinary mirror that you find on your wall, but is instead a complex mirror. In this case, complex means it's like a mirror that can fold in on itself. Instead of a single reflection, the Time Mirror casts multiple reflections. When unfolded, it forms two facets that become time and space. This is another way to describe something Albert Einstein called the "space-time continuum".

In conventional thought, we see ourselves as being in the dimension of space. We perceive ourselves as existing on the surface of a planet - spinning, orbiting, and floating in space. We perceive reality in three dimensions, and hold a basic definition of those three dimensions as height, width, and depth. We write equations that calculate forces, speeds, masses, and distance all in these terms, and treat time as a 4th dimension. 

Time Theory is different. In fact, compared to the conventional model, it's backwards. It sees us as existing in the Dimension of Time, where space is only a facet of the Time Mirror. Nothing from the conventional model is lost, only expanded and reinterpreted. It still sees us in three dimensions, but instead of height, width, and depth (dimensions of space only), it sees those three dimensions as past, present, and future.

In the dimension of space, we perceive reality as made of physical objects. In the conventional model, there is a quest to know what those objects are made of. When we investigate that question, it looks like they are made of smaller and smaller objects. Conventional science is on the mission to uncover the most basic object (aka particle), if there is one, that is the basic component of every "thing" as it's perceived in that model.

But - in the Time Mirror - we learn that all of space is only one facet of the mirror, and the particles are in only one of three reflections. That reflection is the past. In fact, we learn that all physical objects are always in the past to us, and can never be anywhere else. We also find that there is a relationship between time and space we can learn to understand. We learn that the further away an object is to us in space, the further from us it is in the past.

One example that can illustrate this is a distant star. We can see that star at night when the sky is dark and clear enough. Or can we? If that star is a million light-years from us, then we are not seeing the star at all, but the light that emanated from it a million years ago. In other words, we are seeing the past. In this case, to our human standards, the ancient past. What does the star look like today? That - we can't know. It could have exploded a half-million years ago, but that information has not reached us yet.

This relationship between time and space (aka time and distance) does not change, even if physical objects are very close to us. They remain in the past. Why? Because light has a speed. Sound travels even slower. It is not the object you detect at all, but a reflection of light (or possibly sound, smell, taste, touch - any of your physical senses). By the time you can detect any object, it has already happened. Even your own physical body is always an event in the past to you. By the time you detect it, it is too late and it has already happened. Even nerve impulses take time to communicate information to your brain that something has changed, and you take additional time to interpret any event.

When the Time Mirror unfolds to form the space-time continuum, it casts three reflections. There is a way you can see this effect for yourself, even in the space dimension. It is done with two ordinary pieces of mirror. If you hold them together at one edge and fold them like a book until they reach a 90 degree angle, you will see that there are three reflections of you. Once explained, you can gain an understanding of yourself as you exist in Time in all three reflections - past, present, and future.

There is a video demonstration and explanation of this and you can watch it here.

                                                   Time Theory and Human Psychology

Time Theory also has implications to human psychology. In fact, the true intention of the Time Cards was to be a tool for this kind of healing, learning and transformation. In this way, they are their own healing modality.

According to Time Theory, we come here to the Time dimension (a.k.a. the 3rd dimension) from the 5th. The rules to reality are different in the 5th dimension than here in the 3rd, so we enter this reality in a potential state of confusion. If we do nothing to hold on to it, we will quickly forget (disassemble, repress) any memories and insight we possess about our transition shortly after birth. The more we focus and try to make sense of the other humans of this world, the more of our true wisdom and insight slips away. We will not be able to help but begin to form default misperceptions that, if not corrected, will become our default programming and core beliefs. This state of confusion is known as "birthing sickness" and it's something we all experienced but do not remember.

Like any kind of sickness, if birthing sickness goes untreated, which - on this planet - it does for us all, it leads to a more serious condition. Without even realizing it has happened, we have all developed this condition and live it out as our basic paradigm and way of life. Since we do not remember our Time Theory, we do not even realize we have been compromised. Many of us find ways to adjust to our condition to become what is commonly known as a "happy, well-adjusted member" of a troubled world.

A happy, well adjusted human does not have much reason or motivation to re-examine their programming and core beliefs. Most of us will live out our entire lives with this condition and never know or even question it. It's only those few of us who experience something known as an "awakening" who have the potential to cure themselves of this condition and reclaim their true sanity, identity, and enlightenment.

Time theory was the foundation for everything on this site. It was the basis for both explanations of our 12-dimensional existence (original version and superstring version). It was is the basis for the book Heal Yourself in Time and the Time Cards healing modality. It is the basis for this explanation and proposed cure of our troubled condition. There is much to learn. I invite you to watch the videos, read the book, and work with the cards to learn more about yourself and your reality.




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