Video #1 - "12 Dimensions of Consciousness (and Beyond) " - Click Here to View

Using this model for time, we can get a glimpse of our current 12-dimensional existence, and beyond.
Get ready to explore your existence in a new and different way.

Video #2 - "12 Dimensions of Consciousness - Superstring Version " - Click Here to View

This is a another version of 12 Dimensions of Consciousness (and beyond) that uses the idea of superstrings
as a starting point. It will explain the 13 dimensions in a different way that can help you better understand the model.

Video #3 - "The Mirror of Time" - Click Here to View

Learn to understand some basics about Time Theory by using these cards together with a folding mirror.

Video #4 - 12 Dimensions of a Guitar (guitar lesson) - Click Here to View

Learn to play the modes in one day (and more) by learning to understand
the 12 Dimensions of your guitar.

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